The Hair Parlor Installation.jpg

A commissioned installation for the Jamie Miller Hair Parlor in the Crossroads, KCMO. I designed a repeat pattern of women with rollers in their hair. I had the original design laser cut out of gold vinyl and applied the vinyl to the salon wall. 

Bonnie Horvat



The CartWheel Bus was a project I launched in Oct.2010. A mobile retail and gallery space that popped up all over KC to ignite community and creative ideation. The bus was a blank canvas for my creativity and with chameleon like ability transformed at times into a variety of things, such as; A Bridal Rental Bus, a World Series transportation vehicle, a Christmas Lights Tour experience, you name it and we did it with the CartWheel Bus. estd. 2011-2015 

Charge Point Mural.jpg

Katherine Campbell

The "Charge Point Mural" was commission by the Stockyards Neighborhood Association in the Summer of 2014. My design for the mural was inspired by a traditional Star Quilt Block that I modified into an abstract contemporary pattern. I believe this pattern gives energy and excitement to the space. 

1_Jessica Rogers_ Library Mural_ Painting.jpg
Lots Of Love.jpg

Roy Riccardo

This is a mural that I painted in 2012 at the North Kansas City Library in  the Historic NE Neighborhood. It was commission by their children's department and they wanted it to portray adventure and imagination. I decided to incorporate animals from around the world in a bright and colorful setting to provide wonderment and exploration.

This mural was created in conjunction with a community project called "Lots of Love" during the summer of 2014. The goal of LOL was to reimagine abandoned lots in the Ivanhoe Neighborhood of KCMO. I designed the mural to portray the spirit of Ivanhoe, many community members helped with painting.